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Professional ​

Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer.

Teacher in Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Body Conditioning.


Ice Skating, Roller Blading, Violin, Singing, Swimming, Horse Riding, and Yoga.

Projects (Dancer) 2012-19:
Marguerite Donlon (DE)
"Dare To See"
Renelde Pierlot (LUX)
"Voir La Feuille A L'Envers"
Porson’s Khashoggi/A.Rama (DE)
"A Line Supreme" and "3,14π"
Corps in Situ Company (FR)

A.Sistonen (FI)

“Mood(S)” and "Two Alone"

National Theatre of Northern Greece:

S.Spiratou"Me Mousikes Exesies”  

K. Athiridis/ Y.Vouros

“Alexander The Great Rock Opera”

K.Gerardos “Tan” and “AN(A)MESA”

M.Toli “The Secret Garden”

Henri Oguike Dance Company (U.K) 

“V4 Seasoned” and “White Space”

Nicolas Vladyslav (BE)

"Denzzo Project”

Akram Khan (UK)

“Abide With Me” 

Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics

Cocoon Dance Company (DE)

"I’ve Seen It All"


Projects (Choreographer) 2012-19: ​​

Founder of LUCODA: Luxembourg Collective Of Dance (more on

Collaboration with Museum Of Modern Art Thessaloniki and Diavata Prison

"AdH(A)rA", solo choreography and performance with

Music Composition Bernard Schimpelsberger, Costume Design Jennifer Lopes Santos

"The Tempest" collaboration with Push Your Art Company (GR)

"Is It So?" duet with musician Servane Le Moller (LUX)

"4 Stories" collaboration with Die Wolke Art Group (GR)


Teaching Experience:

Trois C L, Luxembourg

Art et Sport, Luxembourg

JoJo Dance, Oulu, Finland

Danscentrumjette, Brussels, Belgium

Garage Performing Arts, Corfu

Kafadari Professional Dance Academy, Thessaloniki, Greece

AVGO Performing Arts Space, Thessaloniki, Greece

State School Of Dance, Volos, Greece




English, French, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and Luxembourgish

Conservatoire de Danse et Musique,Luxembourg
BA (Hons) Ballet and Contemporary Dance
Rambert School Of Dance (2006-09)
Postgraduate in Performance Studies
The Place, London Contemporary Dance School (2009-10)
Masters in Eastern Philosophies and Practices in Dance
The Place,London Contemporary Dance School (2012-14)
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